Sunday, August 16, 2009

If your toilet seat become loose, do you know how to fix it? I had no idea. After watching a plumber come and fix it for me and look at me like I'm stupid for not knowing how to fix something so easy, I learned. I'm going to spare you the embarrassment and share how to fix it. I'm convinced that after fixing things in the home all by yourself you should be called "queen of the castle".

You pop off the plastic cover to the thing on the back of your seat. I never even knew these things came off. I took the screw out in this photo because I was cleaning it off. Apparently it is a major trap for pee from a 5 year old that has a really bad aim. Gross! Just pop off the plastic cover so you can see the screw head.

(sorry, I didn't get it as clean as I wanted for the photo, and I scraped the crap out of it as I didn't realize there was a nut on the underside so I was trying to pop it out insetaed of unscrewing it. oh well!)

Then reach around the underside of the toilet and there will be the bottom half of the screw hanging down with a nut attached. I didn't realize in this photo my nut is missing because I took it off and didn't put it back on before I took the photo but there will be one there. (there was pee on the underside of the screw too) Just grab the nut and hold it tight while tightening the top part of the screw with a screwdriver.


Who knew it could be so easy? I'll be removing mine regularly for cleaning.

I'll post more about becoming the "queen of my castle". I have a feeling I will have to learn more as Ben will be gone a lot this year for rotations and I'll be on my own for repairs. This could get ugly!


Tifani said...

this part anytime soon but thanks for the detailed photo so whebeing 7 wks prego I won't be cleaning n I am feeling up to par I can take it on!!! You're the best Sis thanks

Tifani said...

I dont know what happen to the last comment! What i really typed was Being 7 wks prego I won't be cleaning this part anytime soon but thanks for the detailed photo so when I am feeling up to par I can take it on!!!! wow that got really jumbled

:o) mg said...

I am laughing.... and in awe at your pluckiness.

Patti said...

You "scraped the crap out of it" haha. Pun intended?